Summer to Fall Fashion 2016: How to Use your Summer Favorites in Fall

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I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. It’s been a busy week for me. A lot is happening- work, meetings, get togethers and so on. I was planning to write a blog on Summer to Fall Fashion from the past few days but didn’t have time to write. Ok! I’ll not lie to you, I did get a time to write this blog, but if I wrote this blog at that time, then it doesn’t come out to be perfect and I want everything to be perfect which comes directly from my heart. So finally, I am writing this blog on summer to fall fashion in which you can use some of your favorite summer pieces in fall.


It’s November and there’s a nip in the air already. So, it’s time to winterize your wardrobe with some of your summer favorites. What Could Be Better Than This? So ladies don’t pack your summer pieces yet! With these simple style tricks you can take your fall fashion to some different level. So let’s get started.



In this fall, you can wear your tuxedo- stripe pants with your long-sleeved shirt, a tank top and a jacket on it and with your turtle neck sweater. Pair your tuxedo pants with Heels. Be careful when mix-matching them.



The perfect white dress can span this season by wearing it with a blazer or a Cardigan. Pair it up with the heels. And there you go!



Make your shorts winter-ready with the addition of opaque tights. Pair it up with the ankle-length boots.



In this season, you can wear your favorite jumpsuit by pairing it up with a blazer or with a long-coat.



It really doesn’t get easier than this! A skirt goes with everything. You can wear it with a sweater, leather jacket, opaque tights, or with a long-coat. Rest whistles do the talking!

I’d love to see your summer to fall fashion transition. So remember to leave me a comment or send me an e-mail once you are done reading the blog.

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