Get ready with me for the first day of your college?

first day of college style
First Day of College Lookbook

Hello, my angels..!! Hope you all are doing great. Today, I’m going to share a College Lookbook for the first day of your college. I know your college days are near and y’all are very excited for it. I am also excited to share a lookbook for your first day of college. So let’s get started ♥

Classic Blue Jeans/Worn-Out Denims

Classic denims are must have in your wardrobe and they never grow old. Pair your classic denim with tank tops, basic T-shirts or cotton Kurtis.
Or you can pair your Worn-Out Denim or knee length denim shorts on the first day of your college with pop colored tank tops or basic T-shirts.

Flowy skirts

Flowy Skirts are in trend this season as they beat the summer heat and are easy to handle.
You can wear your skirt with body-hugging tops and tuck the top inside the skirt for the comfortable yet stylish look.

Palazzo Pants

Palazzo Pants are so comfortable to wear and give you a stylish look. After Deepika Padukone spotted in Palazzo Pants in “Cocktail” movie, they are in trend. These loosely-fit pants can be worn in any print and shade. However, you have to be careful when mix-matching them to the top. And also go for the Plain body-hugging tops with the printed palazzo pants and tuck it inside the pant.

Crop tops

Crop Top has become a wardrobe item which is trending mostly amongst teenagers. For the college, you can wear a crop top over a long tight-fitted tank top and you can pair it with ripped jeans. Through this way your navel will not get shown and also you’ll look stylish. Make sure you maintain this look as sober as you can; not too much to show off.


Footwear is also an important part of your look. Go with the flat bellies, classy slippers, loafers and printed canvas shoes. Do not go with the heels (if it is not required).


Besides clothes, it’s important to pay attention to accessories too. Go for studded earrings, gold-toned neckpieces, gold-toned bracelets, gold/rose gold wrist watch and floral or bright colored cotton scarves. Make sure to maintain a balance of your accessories between not too less and not too much. And also wear only one thing among long earrings and neckpieces, not both at the same time.

Experiment with your hair

Getting your hair right will be an add-on – to your personality. Go for the curls, beachy waves, French buns, fish braids etc.

Exude confidence

Above all, a smile and the right attitude and confidence will just make you look perfect in any outfit you wear. Be yourself!

Well, this is the lookbook for the first day of College.

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Till the next post,

Priyanka ❤️

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