5 Easy Jewellery hacks you need to know

Hello Guys! I’m back with some life saving hacks.. oops.. jewellery saving hacks 😉

It’s always nice to have some nifty tricks that we can apply to save our precious things. And we all know, how much we love our jewellery? Right. So ladies, I’m here to tell you some easy jewellery hacks that will keep your jewellery sparkling like new. Keep reading to see what they are. Enjoy!

Hack No. 1: Clothes Hanger Jewellery Organizer

Clothes Hanger Jewellery Organiser

Who said a hanger is only made for clothes? Well, it can be used for your jewellery too. How? Here’s the answer: Use your Clothes Hanger to organize your neck pieces, bracelets, watches etc. It will not allow your jewellery to be tangled.

Hack No. 2: Soaking Gold Jewellery in Light Beer

Soaking Gold Jewellery Light Beer

Having problem with the shine of your Gold Jewellery? Wanna get rid of it? Well, beer will solve your problem. Cheers..!! Soak your gold jewellery in light beer to bring back the shine. It will remove all the dirt from jewellery and bring back the sparkle.

Hack No. 3: Arrange your beautiful Earring with buttons

Arrange your beautiful Earring buttons

With buttons, now you can arrange your studded earrings. Just pick a button and insert your earrings into the button holes. Isn’t it cool?

Hack No. 4: Ketchup for Jewellery

Ketchup Jewellery

For your Brass and Silver Jewellery Shine, Squirting a dab of ketchup on a clean cotton or cloth and rubbing the tarnished metal. Wipe and clean the jewellery with a damp cloth and let it dry.

Hack no. 5: Jewellery in a Straw

Jewellery Straw

Prevent your Necklaces from Knots with a straw. Loop one end of your necklace through a straw before placing it in a jewellery box. And that’s it.

I personally love these jewellery hacks! These jewellery hacks are so useful and they really work! I hope it will work for you as well. Tune into for more amazing stuff.

Priyanka ❤️

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